This assignment will involve students selecting Students ma…

This assignment will involve students selecting Students may select any subject from the textbook, as long as they are able to, Students may select any relevant current event from the news, citing the description of the event from an internet news source. The three major components of the paper will involve: Selection of the current event Selection of the textbook concept Integration and Synthesis of the textbook concept with the selected current event


The objective of this assignment is to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts learned from the textbook and their practical application in real-world scenarios. Students are required to select a current event from credible news sources and integrate it with a relevant concept from the textbook. This exercise will facilitate the demonstration of how theoretical knowledge can be applied and synthesized to understand and analyze contemporary issues.

Selection of the Current Event:

In order to effectively complete this assignment, students must select a current event that is relevant to the subject matter covered in the textbook. It is important to choose a news event that aligns with the scope and content of the textbook concept being studied. By selecting a current event that directly relates to the topic at hand, students will be able to effectively bridge the gap between theory and practice.

When selecting the current event, it is imperative to ensure that the news source is reputable and credible. Students should consider sources such as well-known newspapers, academic journals, or reputable online news platforms. The credibility of the news source will contribute to the overall validity and reliability of the assignment.

Selection of the Textbook Concept:

Once the current event has been chosen, students should identify a relevant textbook concept that can be integrated and synthesized with the selected event. The chosen concept should align with the subject matter and offer insights into understanding the current event in a deeper and more analytical manner. It is important to select a concept that is well-defined and widely accepted within the discipline.

Integration and Synthesis of the Textbook Concept:

After selecting both the current event and the relevant textbook concept, students should focus on the integration and synthesis of the two components. The goal here is to demonstrate how the theoretical concept enhances understanding of the current event and vice versa. This requires critical thinking and analysis skills to connect the broader theoretical framework with practical implications.

In this section of the paper, students should provide a thorough analysis of the current event by utilizing the chosen concept from the textbook. They should explore how the concept helps to explain the underlying factors, causes, and consequences of the event. Furthermore, students should critically evaluate the existing literature and scholarly perspectives on the subject, and aim to present a well-rounded synthesis of the topic.


The integration and synthesis of a current event with a concept from the textbook allows students to demonstrate their understanding of theoretical concepts and their application in real-world scenarios. This assignment encourages critical thinking, analysis, and the ability to connect theory with practice. Through careful selection of the current event and textbook concept, students can present a comprehensive analysis that contributes to broader academic discussions within their chosen field. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, students gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter and its relevance in contemporary society.