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Page 21 of 23 Module 5 Previous Next For this module, you are required to complete a Written Case Analysis (200 words). Please read , Case 4, p. 173. Identify the moral issue(s) and the parties involved; identify what rights are at stake. Submit your assignment to the Written Case Analysis 4 Assignment basket (This Assignment may be linked to Turnitin.) When you save your document, please make sure it includes the format: “Firstname Lastname–WCA4″

Written Case Analysis 4: Analysis of the Moral Issue(s) and Parties Involved


In this written case analysis, we will examine Case 4, as presented on page 173 of the assigned readings. The purpose of this analysis is to identify the moral issue(s) presented in the case and the parties involved. Furthermore, we will explore the rights that are at stake for these parties. This analysis will aid in developing a comprehensive understanding of the ethical dimensions of the case and promote critical thinking and ethical reasoning.

Identification of Moral Issue(s)

The moral issue(s) in this case revolves around the ethical implications associated with the release of confidential information by an employee of a corporation. The case describes a situation where an employee, Jane Doe, obtained valuable and confidential information during her employment at XYZ Corporation. Subsequently, Jane leaves XYZ Corporation and starts her own company, utilizing this confidential information to gain a competitive advantage. The moral issue at hand is the breach of trust and violation of confidentiality committed by Jane Doe.

Parties Involved

1. Jane Doe: Jane is the main party involved in this case. As an employee of XYZ Corporation, she possesses confidential information, which she later uses to her advantage after leaving the company. By doing so, she compromises the trust placed in her as an employee and violates ethical standards.

2. XYZ Corporation: XYZ Corporation is the organization where Jane was employed. The company entrusted her with confidential information, expecting her to maintain confidentiality even after her departure. The actions of Jane undermine the organization’s trust and raise ethical concerns regarding employee loyalty and respect for confidential information.

3. Competitors in the Industry: The competitors in the industry who face unfair competition from Jane’s new company are also indirectly involved in this case. By utilizing the confidential information, Jane gains an unfair advantage over these competitors, potentially causing harm to their businesses. These competitors have a vested interest in the protection of their intellectual property and trade secrets, making them key stakeholders.

Rights at Stake

1. Jane Doe’s Rights: Although Jane possesses the confidential information, her rights are not justifiably affected in this case. While she may argue that she has the right to utilize her knowledge and skills acquired during her employment, the breach of trust and violation of confidentiality raise questions about the ethicality of her actions.

2. XYZ Corporation’s Rights: XYZ Corporation holds the right to expect loyalty and confidentiality from its employees. By breaching this trust, Jane jeopardizes the company’s reputation and potentially damages its trade secrets and competitive advantage. The actions of Jane impinge upon XYZ Corporation’s rights to maintain confidentiality and protect their intellectual property.

3. Competitors’ Rights: The competitors in the industry have a legitimate right to fair competition and protection of their intellectual property. Jane’s use of the confidential information to gain a competitive edge infringes upon these rights, as it creates an unfair playing field and potentially disadvantages the competitors. The competitors have the right to protect their trade secrets and challenge any unfair advantage gained through the misuse of confidential information.


In conclusion, this written case analysis has examined the moral issue(s) and parties involved in Case 4. The breach of trust and violation of confidentiality committed by Jane Doe, the former employee of XYZ Corporation, serve as the moral issue(s) explored in this analysis. The parties involved include Jane Doe, XYZ Corporation, and the competitors in the industry who face unfair competition. The rights at stake include Jane Doe’s rights, XYZ Corporation’s rights regarding confidentiality, and the competitors’ rights to fair competition and protection of their intellectual property. This analysis presents a thought-provoking ethical dilemma and emphasizes the importance of upholding ethical standards in business practices.