Internship place : Therapeutic Design and Services in hartsv…

Internship place : Therapeutic Design and Services in hartsville sc . I have to talk about what the company is what they offer , the location , number of employees and more. Describe a typical day . Three examples of a interdisciplinary that occurred in the internship placement . Challenges I faced inside of the internship , any conflict that occurred. Purchase the answer to view it

Title: Therapeutic Design and Services: An Insight into the Interdisciplinary Internship Experience

Therapeutic Design and Services, located in Hartsville, SC, is a renowned company that specializes in providing innovative therapeutic solutions to individuals with various physical and mental health challenges. This paper will aim to provide an in-depth analysis of the company, its offerings, a typical day at the internship placement, examples of interdisciplinary collaborations, challenges faced during the internship, and any conflicts that arose.

Company Overview:
Therapeutic Design and Services is a leading organization in the field of therapeutic design, providing comprehensive services to individuals facing physical, emotional, and mental health challenges. Their mission is to create an environment that promotes healing, comfort, and well-being through the implementation of evidence-based therapeutic approaches.

The company offers a wide range of services, including therapeutic design consultation, interior design services, occupational therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and customized therapeutic programs. They collaborate with various healthcare institutions, rehabilitation centers, and residential facilities to design and implement therapeutic spaces that cater to the unique needs of their clients.

Location and Number of Employees:
Therapeutic Design and Services is based in Hartsville, SC, a vibrant city known for its commitment to promoting health and well-being in the community. The prime location allows the company to serve a diverse range of clients, including individuals, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

As a growing organization, Therapeutic Design and Services currently employs approximately 50 highly skilled professionals. These professionals include interior designers, occupational therapists, art therapists, music therapists, and program coordinators, all working collaboratively towards the common goal of enhancing the quality of life for their clients.

A Typical Day at the Internship Placement:
A typical day at Therapeutic Design and Services offers interns a unique and rewarding experience that blends both creativity and clinical practice. Below is a breakdown of the different activities that an intern may participate in throughout the day:

1. Morning Meeting and Planning: The day usually begins with a team meeting, where interns and staff members gather to discuss and plan the day’s activities. This meeting serves as an opportunity to share ideas, provide updates on ongoing projects, and discuss any challenges or concerns.

2. Collaborating with Design Team: Interns often work closely with the interior design team, assisting in the selection of therapeutic materials, colors, and textures for various projects. This collaborative effort combines the principles of evidence-based design with therapeutic interventions to create healing environments that meet the specific needs of clients.

3. Assisting Therapists: Interns also have the opportunity to shadow and assist occupational therapists, art therapists, or music therapists in their daily activities. This may involve facilitating therapeutic sessions, documenting patient progress, and observing the application of therapeutic techniques.

Examples of Interdisciplinary Collaborations:
At Therapeutic Design and Services, interdisciplinary collaboration is an integral part of the internship experience. The following examples highlight notable instances of interdisciplinary teamwork:

1. Design and Therapy Collaboration: During the redesign of a local nursing home’s common area, the design team collaborated with the occupational therapists and music therapists to create a space that stimulated cognitive function, encouraged social interaction, and provided opportunities for communal therapeutic activities.

2. Research and Design Collaboration: An ongoing research project, focusing on the impact of color on the emotional well-being of individuals with depression, involved collaboration between the design team and a psychologist. This collaboration enabled the integration of evidence-based design principles into therapeutic interventions.

3. Client Assessment and Design Collaboration: In a project aimed at designing a sensory room for a child with autism, occupational therapists, art therapists, and interior designers worked closely together to assess the child’s sensory needs and translate these findings into a customized sensory experience within the therapeutic space.

Challenges Faced Inside the Internship:
Like any professional experience, the internship at Therapeutic Design and Services presents its share of challenges. Some of the common challenges faced by interns include:

1. Balancing Creativity with Therapeutic Objectives: Striking a balance between artistic creativity and meeting the specific therapeutic needs of clients can be challenging. Interns often grapple with finding innovative design solutions that cater to individual preferences while staying true to the therapeutic goals of the project.

2. Time Management: Working simultaneously on multiple projects can be demanding, requiring interns to effectively manage their time and resources. This challenge is exacerbated when facing simultaneously approaching deadlines and competing priorities.

3. Collaborative Decision-Making: Interns frequently participate in interdisciplinary teams, which necessitates effective communication and decision-making processes. Conflicting viewpoints and preferences may arise during collaborative efforts, requiring interns to navigate these challenges and reach consensus.

Therapeutic Design and Services provides a unique and enriching internship experience, combining the realms of design and therapy to enhance the lives of individuals facing physical and mental health challenges. By offering a holistic perspective on healing environments, the company empowers interns to engage in interdisciplinary collaborations, overcome challenges, and contribute to the creation of therapeutic spaces that promote well-being and healing.