Imagine that you are going to a AA meting. You can look up i…

Imagine that you are going to a AA meting. You can look up information online, Youtube or Google, etc. Write a paper about the expereince of going to the AA meting The paper should focus on the student’s internal experience: thoughts, feelings, and expectations. Papers will be graded on college level writing and grammar, how well they convey the student’s internal experience, and on creativity. Purchase the answer to view it

The Experience of Attending an AA Meeting: A Reflection on Internal Thoughts, Feelings, and Expectations


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a renowned organization that provides support and guidance to individuals struggling with alcohol addiction. Attending an AA meeting is often viewed as an essential step towards recovery and personal growth. This paper aims to delve into the internal experiences, encompassing thoughts, feelings, and expectations, of a student attending an AA meeting. By examining these aspects, this reflection intends to shed light on the transformative power of such gatherings.



Prior to attending the AA meeting, the student’s mind might be filled with a mix of apprehension, curiosity, and hope. Despite learning about the organization through online platforms, like YouTube and Google, there is uncertainty about what to expect in a real-life setting. Embarking on this new experience prompts questions such as: Will I fit in? How will I be received by the group members? What will the meeting structure be like? These thoughts illustrate the student’s awareness of the significance of this meeting in their personal journey of recovery.

Additionally, thoughts may wander towards expectations of finding relatable stories and experiences within the group. The student may anticipate relating to others’ struggles and stories of success, finding solace in discovering a sense of community and familiarity. Alternatively, there might be concerns about not being able to relate, leading to feelings of isolation. The student’s mind may also be occupied by the prospect of sharing their own story, questioning whether they possess the courage to open up in front of strangers. These thoughts demonstrate the complex tapestry of emotions and uncertainties that dance within the student’s mind as they approach the AA meeting.


Emotions surrounding the AA meeting can be intense and varied. Feelings of vulnerability and nervousness may arise when entering a room filled with individuals who have faced similar struggles and challenges. Anxiety may heighten as the student recognizes the need to confront their own addiction and share personal experiences openly. However, alongside these apprehensions, a sense of hope and excitement may emerge. The anticipation of connecting with others who understand their journey fosters feelings of comfort and reassurance.

Moreover, witnessing the compassion and empathy exchanged within the group can evoke feelings of warmth and acceptance. Observing the support expressed by longstanding members towards newcomers, the student might experience emotions such as gratitude and relief. The notion that they are not alone in their struggle can provide a powerful source of motivation to persevere on the path to recovery.


Attending an AA meeting entails certain expectations, grounded in the desire for personal growth and transformation. The student may anticipate hearing stories of resilience, hope, and redemption, inspiring them to believe that recovery is attainable. Witnessing others’ successes and the positive outcomes of their commitment and dedication might foster a sense of optimism within the student.

Additionally, expectations might extend to the meeting structure and dynamics. The student may expect a welcoming atmosphere, where everyone’s voice is heard and respected. They might hope for an environment devoid of judgment and criticism, where individuals can openly express their thoughts and experiences without fear of stigma. Furthermore, the expectation of finding relatable individuals and forming connections that extend beyond the meeting may shape the student’s perception of the potential benefits and impact of attending an AA meeting.


Attending an AA meeting is a multifaceted experience, encompassing a range of internal thoughts, feelings, and expectations. The student’s thoughts prior to the meeting reflect a mixture of uncertainty and anticipation. Emotions are intense and diverse, spanning vulnerability, anxiety, hope, and comfort. Expectations revolve around finding connection, inspiration, and a supportive community. Understanding these internal experiences deepens the understanding of the transformative nature of AA meetings. By recognizing the power of these gatherings, individuals can embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and recovery.