I need this assignement looked at and finalized. I need a p…

I need this assignement looked at and finalized.  I need a presentation on how a  student is to start  to recreive services as OHI. 1 of the References must be from WI DPI. Sorry this is a correction of another assignment.  Presentation is not what I asked.  I need what I am to say with each slide and also headings in the slides. I also need a handout for the class.

Title: Understanding the Process of Receiving Services as a Student with Other Health Impairment (OHI)

The purpose of this assignment is to outline the process a student must undergo to receive services as a student with Other Health Impairment (OHI). This presentation will provide an overview of the referral and evaluation process, as well as the individualized education program (IEP) development and implementation. By understanding these processes, educators and stakeholders can effectively support students and ensure they receive appropriate services to meet their unique needs.

Slide 1: Title slide
– Title: Understanding the Process of Receiving Services as a Student with OHI
– Presenter name and affiliation

Slide 2: Overview of OHI
– Definition of OHI: Other Health Impairment refers to a disability resulting from chronic or acute health conditions that adversely affect a student’s educational performance
– Examples of OHI conditions (ADHD, asthma, diabetes)
– The impact of OHI on academic and social-emotional functioning

Slide 3: Identifying and Referring Students with OHI
– Role of teachers and other school professionals in identifying symptoms and signs of OHI
– Referring a student for evaluation: School personnel identifies concerns and initiates the referral process
– The importance of early identification and intervention to support student success

Slide 4: Evaluation Process
– Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (WI DPI) referral guidelines
– Steps involved in the evaluation process:
1. Collecting and reviewing relevant information (medical records, teacher reports, etc.)
2. Conducting assessments and evaluations (physical examinations, psychological testing, etc.)
3. Obtaining input from parents, teachers, and other professionals involved
4. Determining eligibility for special education services based on evaluation results

Slide 5: Eligibility Determination
– The criteria for determining eligibility for special education services under OHI
– WI DPI guidelines for eligibility determination
– Documentation requirements for determining impact on educational performance

Slide 6: Individualized Education Program (IEP) Development
– Purpose of the IEP: To outline the student’s unique needs and set appropriate goals and accommodations
– Key components of the IEP:
1. Present levels of academic achievement and functional performance (PLAAFP)
2. Measurable annual goals
3. Special education and related services/supports
4. Accommodations/modifications
5. Least restrictive environment (LRE) considerations

Slide 7: Developing Measurable Annual Goals
– Identifying specific academic and functional areas of need
– Writing goals that are measurable, attainable, and aligned with the student’s needs
– Incorporating the student’s interests and strengths into goal development

Slide 8: Determining Special Education and Related Services/Supports
– The role of the IEP team in determining the specific services and supports required
– Examples of special education services and related supports for students with OHI (e.g., specialized instruction, assistive technology, speech therapy)

Slide 9: Accommodations and Modifications
– Understanding the difference between accommodations and modifications
– Examples of accommodations and modifications that may be appropriate for students with OHI
– Ensuring accommodations and modifications are individualized to meet the student’s needs

Slide 10: Implementing the IEP
– Ensuring effective implementation of the IEP through collaboration between school personnel, parents, and other stakeholders
– Monitoring progress towards goals and making necessary adjustments
– Regular communication and collaboration to support the student’s success

– The handout will provide an overview of the main points covered in the presentation.
– It will include a brief summary of the referral and evaluation process, IEP development components, and key considerations for implementing the IEP.
– The handout will also provide additional resources and references for further reading and support.

By understanding the process of receiving services as a student with OHI, educators and stakeholders can play a vital role in supporting students and ensuring their educational needs are effectively met. Through early identification, comprehensive evaluation, and individualized programming, students with OHI can receive the necessary support to excel academically and socially.