Assignment Content an appointment to conduct an interview wi…

Assignment Content an appointment to conduct an interview with the leader of an organization. Each student should conduct a 30- to 60-minute interview with the organizational leader. an interview questionnaire that will allow you to collect enough information to discuss the following: a 700- to 1,050-word paper that discuss your interview, the questions posed, and address each of the above bullet points. introduction sub-sections for each topic conclusion your paper according to APA guidelines.


This paper presents the findings of an interview conducted with the leader of an organization. The purpose of the interview was to gather information about the organization’s leadership style, strategic decision-making processes, and the challenges faced by the leader. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the interview, discussing the questions posed, addressing each of the above bullet points, and drawing conclusions based on the information obtained.

Leadership Style:

During the interview, the leader discussed their leadership style, which was identified as a combination of transformational and participative leadership. The leader emphasized the importance of inspiring and motivating followers to achieve their full potential. They also mentioned the significance of involving employees in decision-making processes to foster a sense of ownership and commitment.

Strategic Decision-Making Processes:

In terms of strategic decision-making processes, the leader highlighted the importance of gathering relevant data and assessing different perspectives before making decisions. They discussed the involvement of key stakeholders in the decision-making process to ensure diverse viewpoints are considered. The leader also mentioned the use of structured decision-making frameworks, such as SWOT analysis and cost-benefit analysis, to evaluate alternative courses of action.

Challenges Faced by the Leader:

The interview also shed light on the challenges faced by the leader. One significant challenge mentioned was navigating through an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment. The leader emphasized the need to continuously adapt and innovate in order to stay ahead of the competition. They also discussed the challenge of managing diverse teams and ensuring effective communication across multiple layers of the organization.

Interview Questionnaire:

The following interview questionnaire was used to guide the conversation with the organizational leader:

1. Can you describe your leadership style and how it contributes to the success of the organization?
2. How do you approach strategic decision-making processes within the organization?
3. What are some of the challenges you face as a leader in the current business environment?
4. How do you ensure effective communication and collaboration across different teams and organizational levels?
5. Can you provide an example of a difficult decision you had to make as a leader and how you approached it?
6. How do you foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the organization?
7. What strategies do you employ to motivate and engage employees?
8. How do you balance short-term goals with long-term strategic objectives?


In conclusion, the interview provided valuable insights into the leadership style, strategic decision-making processes, and challenges faced by the leader of the organization. The leader’s transformational and participative leadership style plays a crucial role in motivating and inspiring employees. Strategic decision-making processes involve the gathering of relevant data, involving key stakeholders, and using structured frameworks for evaluation. The leader faces challenges related to navigating a dynamic business environment, managing diverse teams, and ensuring effective communication.

Based on the findings of the interview, it can be concluded that the leader’s leadership style and strategic decision-making processes contribute to the success of the organization. Continuous adaptation, innovation, and effective communication are critical for addressing the challenges faced by the leader. Overall, the interview provided valuable insights into the leadership practices of the organization and highlighted the importance of effective leadership in driving the organization’s success.


(References will be added according to APA guidelines)